Can Tecim

Senior Software Engineer / CTO

A Senior Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience professionally in software development with a wide range of technology products. I constantly improved myself in software development since I started this journey when I was 14 years old. I have a growth mindset. I keep improving myself in personal development since my 18s. Had the chance to experience C‑level management roles earlier in my carrier. Postponed this mission to get back to an engineering position and to reach it later with the right opportunity.

As an engineer;

I use the latest technologies and practices. Love to follow top‑notch techniques in my contributions. Sharing know‑how with my teammates to improve overall quality. Worked in Agile teams, usually using Scrum.

As a manager;

Started and contributed to an Agile transformation for the whole company in one of my past CTO experiences. Built software development teams from scratch. Handled hiring processes. Managed the whole development process from idea to release. Worked together and helped marketing teams to achieve GTM strategies for each release. Also usually kept my hands‑on in development.

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